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Monday, 29 July 2013

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About Us:-

IconArchive is a professional tag based icon search engine with more than 330,000 icons for web developers, end users and graphic artists. Also it is an inspiration source for new design ideas and a place to enjoy beautiful icons. You can collect, organize & share your favorite icons here with ease. If you want to customize your desktop, you can download icons for all operating systems, Win, Mac & Linux. Website or Software developers with demand for custom icon design could search for professional icon artists here. This may result in freelance jobs and/or design help for projects of any size. On our icon artists page you can select artists offering custom icon design.

What are the benefits of using IconArchive?

Compare the features. We significantly extended our service. Besides the common tag based and filtered search results
we added 6 innovative unique features you can't find on other icon sites so far (as of Mar. 2012):

  • Search result sorting by Color.
  • Icon Tag Up- and Downvoting to improve search results.
  • Save, organize and share your favorites without a login.
  • FavBar shown when you hover on the bottom of each page.
  • My Desk with quick drag & drop interface.
  • Icon group sharing via mail.
Additionally, we offer more filter options.
Our service is improved daily by adding new icons and tweaking our search results.
We have additional plans to extend our service with new features soon.
Our next improvement is just around the corner.
Thank you for your support.


To make it short, in late 1994 we were icon addicted enough to start an icon archive. We started with 30 beautiful pixel art icons in 32x32px. Yes, that's right. All icons were shown on one static webpage. We had a good start and grew quickly, from 1996 to 2001 the site was called »Leo's Icon Archive«. In 2001 with 100,000 monthly visitors and 10,000 icons we moved to our newly created domain and called it »Icon Archive«. We had 3 major versions in our history: Version 1 was live beween 1998 and 2005 (supporting small icons up to 48x48px), Version 2 was live between 2005 and 2011 (supporting icons up to 512x512px), Version 3 (v3) is live since Feb. 2011 with everything you expect, tag based search, many filter options and support of all icon sizes and lots of other features. That's our story in a few words.


Monday, 22 July 2013

Terms of service

This document outlines what constitutes acceptable use of the web site, it's associated web services, and server infrastructure. It also covers our content moderation policy and what you can expect regarding performance and availability.
If you have questions about what you are legally permitted to do with content found on this web site, please consult our Copyright Policy.

This web site is intended to be accessed via standard web browser software such as the ones present on our Compatible Browsers section, and similar products via direct interaction by a human. With the exception of publicly accessible RSS feeds provided in XML format, the web site and its associated files are not meant to be accessed via any automated means such as by scripts or bots or automated applications.
Be aware that if you utilize an automated means of accessing or downloading this web site, in whole or in part, your access to the site may be prevented, terminated, delayed, or slowed either temporarily or permanently, especially if you attempt to download too many large files simultaneously. This is necessary in order to protect the user-experience of the web site for those who access it in the manner envisioned by its authors.
Please understand that automated access to the site, via scripts, bots, or other similar means can have the effect of seriously degrading the performance of the web site or incurring significant additional costs to its operators without sufficient revenue generated to cover those costs. Keep in mind, that even minor infractions against this policy can have a large negative effect when combined with similar actions by other users.
We ask that you respect the above guidelines so that we may continue to offer the web site as a free resource to the world. We prefer to use our resources, both human and financial, to improve and expand the features and content of the web site. Your cooperation is essential.

Direct hyper linking to images and other large files hosted by is strictly prohibited without our permission. You may of course link directly to individual HTML or XML based web pages. Direct linking to our small preview images is permitted but not guaranteed.
With the exception of publicly available RSS feeds in XML format, no files or services hosted on this web site are to be integrated into any other online service or application without the expressed written permission of the operators of this web site.

User-submitted Content is a community supported web site, relying on its user community for the bulk of its primary content. Currently we accept content submissions in the form of desktop wallpapers. In order to maintain the quality of our content offerings, only a subset of submissions are selected to be published to publicly accessible portions of the web site.
Some of's content may be commented on publicly, with user-submitted text appearing directly on the site, associated with the appropriate content. It is the intention of the operators and architects of this site that the commenting feature be used only for constructive feedback and other discussions directly related to the content in question. It is not to be used for personal insults, explicit or implied, off-topic discussions, racially or culturally insensitive material, sexual content, or other material not suited for a family audience including small children. Additionally, we ask that personally identifiable information not be posted to the web site, regardless of whether it pertains to yourself or another individual. Children under the age of 13 shall only post comments or other content under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult.
We reserve the right to moderate the content posted on, both during and after the submission process. The moderators may delete or edit content at any time, manually or via automated means including the use of user-generated data to determine what is and is not acceptable to our audience. Moderation criteria may vary over time.

The operators of the web site make a reasonable attempt to maintain the availability and performance of and its associated services. However, uptime and accessibility cannot be guaranteed. The web site may occasionally be inaccessible, in whole or in part, due to planned or emergency maintenance, feature upgrades, bug fixes, server migrations, hardware upgrades and failures, or simply to prevent unauthorized use, hacking, or exploitation of the web site, or its resources.

Liability, its owners, employees, contractors, and partners shall not be held legally liable or financially responsible for any loss, damage, or injury incurred as a result of the use or existence of, its associated sites, content, services or infrastructure.
That being said, if you have any concerns about the web site, please make them known to the operators via Contact us link.

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Overview:- is a meta search engine. We gather all other free resource into one. Make it easy to find and download.

All of the resources are gathered by users and public sources on the internet.
Not all of the resources are allowed for commercial use please contacts the author for detail
If resources have violated your copyright, please through feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you!

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About Us:-

91mobiles (pronounced as 'nine-one-mobiles') is a comprehensive Mobile phone portal for Indians. One can find latest Mobile phones, best deals on mobile phones, mobile phone reviews and even videos related to each and every mobile phone model. The site aggregates content across major online retail stores, mobile blogs, press-release agencies and news sites and presents the information in an easy-to-understand format.

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About Us

We, at and the print magazine My Mobile, offer news, reviews and views on mobile phones, mobile phone prices, value added services, cellular services, tariff plans and reviews of mobile applications and games.

Our philosophy is to simplify the world of mobile phones for the consumer, demystify cell phone jargon and update the buyer on the latest prices and models. We want to educate, empower and, of course, entertain the mobile phone user. We have something for everyone, from the technology/gadget lover to those reluctant to use their phones for anything other than calls. We focus on the real needs of the mobile phone consumer.
Our compelling product is the extensive buyer’s guide which offers an instant comparative look at all the phone models–the very latest as well as the existing models—in the market. And our strength lies in our no-nonsense reviews of cell phones brought to you by our reporters who are young mobile phone and technology enthusiasts.
It was first published in February 2005, that consumers found the simplest way to keep track of new mobile technology, get the latest information about products and services as well as unbiased reviews of existing and upcoming gadgets.

The magazine is printed in two editions (Hindi and English), is published by Pankaj Mohindroo of My Mobile Info media Pvt Ltd. Mohindroo is also the founder and national president of the Indian Cellular Association. He has been involved as an entrepreneur and senior management in industries ranging from paints and textiles to information technology and telecommunications.

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